We're Moving !

You've heard the rumours and seen the posts on Facebook...

Well, it's true:

we're on the move!

That's right, the rumours are true, Secrets of Radar Museum is relocating.  We can't give give you the details, yet, as the paperwork hasn't been signed, but we're pretty sure you'll understand our excitement.  You can expect an announcement soon.

As was reported in our last newsletter, the Western Counties property, our home for 14 years, is changing ownership.  Unfortunately, the age of the buildings means that in order for the new owners to upgrade, everything has to be removed to clear out asbestos and address long-standing structural problems.  While we're sad to leave our idyllic location by the Westminster Ponds, we're happy to say that the new owners have great plans to restore and re-purpose the buildings. 

And we're even more excited about the plans for our new home!

Three great ways to help us out:

Moving is hard enough, but moving a whole museum (even a little one like ours) is a really big job!

  • Volunteer to inventory and/or pack artefacts

  • Donate packing supplies (bubble wrap, packing foam, plastic totes, packing tape)

  • Donate money to help us re-imagine our exhibits in our new home!


The museum's final day open to the public is May 13, 10AM-4PM.
Inventory and packing will occur throughout the month of May.  The collection will be moved early June with the museum re-opening at its new site mid-summer.

Contact us to volunteer !

Spring Volunteer of Note: Bethany Hayward

Bethany helping out on Canada Day, 2014, in Harris Park, London, ON

Bethany helping out on Canada Day, 2014, in Harris Park, London, ON

Bethany has been with SORM for two years as our volunteer Collections Manager. With few exceptions, she devotes one day a week to the museum in which she puts order to chaos, inputs artefact and archival data into the collection database, and oversees the work of multiple young cataloguing assistants. You can often find her working the SORM booth at community events such as Canada Day in Harris Park, DoorsOpen London, and Remembrance Day.  Her background in archaeology and museum management make her a great asset to any museum and we felt strongly that her efforts should be rewarded with our inaugural Volunteer of Note award. 

Thank you, Bethany, for everything you do!