Secrets of Radar Museum finalist in EMC Heritage Trust Competition

We're FINALISTS in the EMC Heritage Trust grants competition! Show us your love by voting before August 20th for our little museum to win the funds it needs to carry out a significant and important digitisation project, and share this widely! We're up against some fierce competition, but no less deserving. Voting is simple: go the EMC Heritage Trust Project page (via the links here), select the Digitisation of the Radar Collections option, and input your email address.  And then tell your friends!

HOW TO VOTE: Follow the link above and then Click on 'Learn More' on the EMC page. The next page will have a list of projects on the left hand side. Click on 'Digitization of Radar Collections'.

What does winning this competition mean for us?  It means we can digitise and photograph our archival collection and make it available for free, online.  It means we can make our collection available to researchers, students & educators, and other institutions.  It means 50 years of secrecy can finally be shown the light of day, and over 6,000 uncredited Canadian radar personnel will have their stories told.  This isn't just a local resource, or even a Canadian resource, this history is truly international reflecting every place around the world where radar mechanics served. Help us make history... accessible!