Volunteer of Note

Winter 2016 Volunteer of Note

At the changing of each season, after some discussion, we select one volunteer to recognise as our "Volunteer of Note".  We have chosen volunteer and member of the Board of Directors, Corbin Lippert, as our Winter 2016 VoN. 

Corbin represents the London Amateur Radio Club on our Board of Directors, but has become quite dedicated to the Secrets of Radar Museum.  Corbin not only brings technical radio knowledge to the museum, but he actively engages the LARC membership with the goings-on of the museum.  He's enthusiastic, enterprising, a bit of a handyman, and always looking for new ways to help both organisations thrive.

Thanks for everything you do, Corbin !

Corbin Lippert, December 2015.  Courtesy of the London Amateur Radio Club

Corbin Lippert, December 2015.  Courtesy of the London Amateur Radio Club

Autumn 2015 Volunteer of Note: Michelle Rosenblat

volunteer of note autumn 2015 small.jpg

Michelle joined us in September through an internship program at Western University.  Very quickly she made herself at home and has become an integral part of the curatorial team.  Eager, dedicated, creative, and responsible, Michelle has continued work on an unfinished virtual exhibit initially researched and written by a previous intern. This includes editing segments of oral history from our archives, and sourcing photographs and artefacts. Her time with us has had her researching equipment necessary for the EMC Grant digitisation project, and digging through the collection for cool things to put on our Twitter.  In a pinch, she can even give a tour.  Michelle finishes with us in early December, but has promised to come back in January. 

Thanks for all you do, Michelle!