Come see our new arrival: H2X !

On Sunday, we welcomed the newest member of our tech family, a complete H2X airborne, ground-scanning radar set.  Rob and Linda Adams brought the unit to us from the Ottawa Radar Group, which organised its transfer from the private collection of David Barlow to us.  We have put the unit on display in our Technology Room, and expect to have a plaque produced, early in the new year, thanking the donor and those who made its delivery possible.  Click here to learn more about the H2X.  Thank you very much to the donor, Mr. Barlow, and to radar veterans Julien Olsen and Ken Shoultz for organising the transport of this unique piece of WW2 history.

Rob and Linda Adams with the H2X.  Linda is the daughter of Ken Shoultz, WW2 radar veteran with the Ottawa Radar Group.