Bethany Blogs: Poké­-hunting in the Great Outdoors

So, this morning I got the best work assignment ever: Manager Maya sent me off into the wilds of the museum grounds to go Pokémon hunting. Of course, having just downloaded the app yesterday, I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet – technology and I have a strained relationship. That being said, I did manage to suss out a few things.

  1. There are at least 3 Pokéstops in the immediate area. I now have a lot more pokeballs than I (literally) know what to do with.
  2. There is a gym next door, which is currently controlled by the red team. So, if you’ve hit at least Level 5, it’s a good location to train.
  3. There are at least 3 Pokémon to be found in the area, probably more.... and I will catch them, eventually.

Did you know that Pokémon GO tracks your position using the Global Positioning System (or GPS)? You probably did. Did you know that Radar is also used to track the position and speed of many other things, like planes, cars, and weather systems? Yes, well that’s because you’re brilliant. If you didn’t know, then you should totally come into The Secrets of Radar Museum to learn all about it.  You should come visit anyway, because it's worth it.

Bethany out.