Honouring people and organisations that make London a better place

We are thrilled that Manager Maya and SoRM were selected as a recipient of this year's Vital People Award, granted by the London Community Foundation.  She is in good company among some truly committed Londoners.  The grant will enable her to pursue Project Management at Western's School of Continuing Studies. 

The awards ceremony was held in the early evening on Monday, December 2nd at the Goodwill Centre.  It was a very well attended event with members of London's many communities and organisations present.  The event was short and sweet, well produced, and truly made the recipients feel valued and honoured.  And, following the celebration, many guests wandered into the bright, spacious Goodwill Store downstairs for a bit of a browse (because who doesn't love a bargain?!). 

You can learn more about the individual recipients here, and the London Community Foundation here.  We encourage you to donate to this excellent organisation, if you have the means, as they support many initiatives around London.